“Let everyone else call your idea crazy . . . just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where “there” is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop.”
― Phil Knight, “Shoe Dog”

My name is Sergey Vetrov.
I’m a sneakerhead and I have the largest
collection of Saucony Originals in the world.


Over 600 pairs
of Saucony!

1\3 of them are vintage. At the
moment some of them are over 45 y.o.

3D Grid Hurricane
Master Court
Court Trainer
Grid Moco
Grid Sphere
Master Court
Grid Stabil
Jazz Slide Zip
Grid Swerve
Grid 8000
Grid Shadow SL
G.R.I.D. Shadow
Jazz Trail
Cros sport riad
V-G.R.I.D. 9000
InStep 6200
Shadow 6000
Basketball Shoes
X-press Support System
Jazz 2000
Roller Skates Jogger
Crosssport Crosstrail LC
Fiero ll
Trainer 80
Grid Procyon 4
Grid Hammer C
Grid Shadow
3D Grid Tornado
Hangtime Mid (Japan)
Grid Stabil
V G.R.I.D.
G.R.I.D. Corageous

I had many hobbies: tuning my own cars and drag racing on them, collecting rare watches of one brand.

I’m into rock music, love being on gigs, live shows (hard rock mostly, but also heavy-metal and other), over 40% of my body are covered with tattoos.

And finally the main one, that goes for the last 25 years — collecting of Saucony Originals.

Many of my hobbies were parallel and complementary, so I met a lot of good and interesting people not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

about me

The very first time that I found out about Saucony sneakers — was 1991-92. At that time I traveled to the Moscow Institute from Podolsk by train or bus, and sometimes I saw a young guy, maybe a little older than me, who wore Saucony sneakers.

He was an “Iron” as we called them — he traded with foreign tourists, selling russian stuff to them and receiving $ or branded clothing in return.

I saw these guys on the Red Square near the hotels, where there were foreign tourists. These guys were fashionably dressed, now they would be called "hypebeasts". They were dressed in Levi`s sweatshirts and jeans, a PANAM travel flight bag, sunglasses, baseball caps and, of course, sneakers!

They had Saucony, AVIA, Etonic and other brands. But I always liked Saucony more than the others. I could not buy them at that time and all I was capable of — is dreaming.

For the sophisticated ones and Saucony-dependent
April 2015

On the rise of the left foot, the Saucony Elite logo as on the patch of the Saucony x Bodega collaboration.

I really wanted to do something about my hobby. The tattoo artist and I came up with it. It turned out very cool and besides this tattoo is unique.

May 2015

On the rise of the right leg, the Saucony Originals logo as on the Shadow90 patch.

The right leg was jealous of the left, so I did it for the symmetry. Well, it is also a tribute to the logo that was used by Saucony earlier.

In January 2016 these tattoos helped me to persuade Philip (the founder of Acht Amsterdam) to sell me my first Invictus.

These tattoos helped me to persuade Philip (the founder of Acht Amsterdam) to sell me my first Invictus.

May 2017

On the right calve is shoelace bag as a packet of BBQ and mayonnaise sauces from Saucony x END «Burger» collaboration. This is the famous collaboration and shoelace bags could understand only the ones who dealt in Saucony.

May 2018

The Lace Lock with Acht Amsterdam (8cht) logo, the king of all Soucony`s «Invictus» collaborations under the right knee .

For the sophisticated ones
and Saucony-dependent
May 2018

The Saucony logo (foot with wings) with skeleton bones on the right foot under the knee. Honestly, I looked at PUMA - they had a similar leg on one of the T-shirts, but it was turned in the other direction. I liked this idea, and my tattoo artist mirrored it and added elements with Saucony’s 3 points. It turned out cool and I even made stickers with the design of this tattoo.

Another one on the right foot is the Only In Soho logo. This is a union of two Saucony (Wings of the foot) and FootPatrol (gas mask) logos, such logo is on the Only In Soho sneakers.


The "sneaker-burger"

October 2018

I have a burger on my right side, on the ribs, inside of which is Saucony sneaker instead of a cutlet. It was inspired by the project of my friends “Cola Burger”. There we had two Sneaker swaps.

This shoe is a Jazz Originals sneaker — the first collaboration of Saucony x SOLEBOX (the iconic Berlin store). I am personally acquainted with its founder, Hikmet Sugoer. He liked this tattoo very much and in November 2018 it appears at the Sneakerness website in Cologne.

This tattoo itself became the 2nd official logo of the Cola Burger.

I have the largest collection of Saucony Originals in the world and I began to think how to share this with a larger audience, more than my friends and relatives.
I was inspired by the museum of Alex TGWO, dedicated to sneakers, and I began to think about something like that.
about the project

Another reason for my desire to create an Internet museum was the lack of a single resource in which all the Saucony Originals collaborations would be collected. As it turned out, the same situation exists with other brands of sneakers.

In my project I want to talk about my favorite brand, its history, characters and stages of development. Tell about all the pairs in my collection, about the history of their creation and my stories of how I got them.

about the project
The goals of my museum are to collect all Saucony collaborations in one place and convey to the audience the history of the brand's development through my love story with Saucony.
In the future, I plan to develop the project, complementing it with collections and stories of other sneakerheads and brands.
And I want to create a project that my son can do after me.
Well, let's take a look at the museum pages with the history of "Only in Soho" ?
about the project


APRIL 2020
SneakerHead Con*

One of a kind annual event for lovers of sneakers and street culture, which collects everything under its roof the most relevant brands, trends and all those who care about it in our country. In 2020, we expect about 10,000 visitors..

MAY 2020
Sneakerness Amsterdam

The event is a global conglomerate enthusiasts and celebrities of the sneakerhead market. Experts and Professionals in branding and style, it's all part of Sneakerness community

MAY 2019
Sneakerhead Con

in the Bakery in the building of the boiler room passed Sneakerhead dedicated to running shoes and people who collect them. In the two-day program, the largest thematic exhibition

Sneakerness Cologne

The event is a global conglomerate enthusiasts and celebrities of the sneakerhead market. Experts and Professionals in branding and style, it's all part of Sneakerness community

Sneakerness Rotterdam

The event is a global conglomerate enthusiasts and celebrities of the sneakerhead market. Experts and Professionals in branding and style, it's all part of Sneakerness community


I knew about the release of “Only in Soho” in advance, but I was out of Moscow that day, so I asked a friend to go and buy me a pair.

That day I was looking at the photos of “Only in Soho” for a long time and decided that they were not for me, called a friend and canceled my request.


Later I could not buy “Only in Soho” in my size (9.5US) for a very long time.

Thanks to friends from Saint-Peter, sburgh I found a new pair of 10US in Russia, but the guy did not want to sell them, he was looking for a swap.

In October 2015, I had to camp at the Brandshop for Footpatrol x ASICS GEL-Lyte III "Squad" to buy them and swap for "Only in Soho" with a excess fare of 10,000 rubles!

After all these adventures, I had a new pair of “Only in Soho” size 10US, but I needed it in my size, and I placed this pair in the SauconySneaks group, offering a swap.

But a guy from the USA began to blow up my phone with messages asking me to sell this pair to him.

I was holding the defense for a long time, because my size costed 600$ on Ebay, and if to sell, then sell for such money to be capable to buy a pair in my size. In the end, he persuaded me, I sold this pair to him and got lucky to buy my size on Ebay.

“Only in Soho“ —
the phrase that
can often be
heard in the walls
of Footpatrol

Back then the store founders used these words in relation to their most rash and spontaneous actions, and today this idiom has grown into an idea for one of the best collaborations with the participation of a London retailer.


Working on the “Only in Soho” design, Footpatrol was inspired byneon lights that fill the streets of Soho at night.

The base for cooperation was Shadow 6000 model produced since 1991.


For the online-museum project
I`m looking for reliable partners
who are ready to be a part of
Saucony`s history

I`ve developed detailed two-year financial
model which you can find here.

looking for partners